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Let me stay in a hotel

As a kid my parents took me to hotels during vacations. Hotels were big square buildings, with high ceilings and long hollow corridors. And at night, it was even a bit sinister. Nights were never as dark like in hotels, and since the old style hotel rooms in the 1960s our family could afford had no bathroom, you better grinned and bare it and waited until the next morning if you had to go. Because a walk through the dark corridor - you never could find the light switch - was an unpleasant option for a young boy.

But it must have provided the framework for my love of hotels. There are few things in life I like as much as staying in hotels. It is that special feeling, being pampered by anonymous people, the usually lovely beds, and when you wake up you know their will be a rich breakfast buffet that can keep you going for most of the day. The breakfast at the Kurhaus Hotel in Bad Bentheim, where I stayed for two nights last December, was one of the best ever. If you wished, there was ev…