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The vintage car vacation

A long time ago everything was an adventure to young eyes. Few occasions illustrated that as our annual family vacation trip. It was not the destination, but the highlights on our journey. And when I say highlights, I do not mean famous tourist attractions or scenery of epic magnitude. I’m talking of wildlife crossing signs here.

With the reliable Opel Kapitän in Switzerland, Furka Pass, 1966.
Living in the per square kilometre most densely populated country in the 1960s, in a rather urbanized area, life did not hold many surprises for us. Probably more so for people living in rural areas if they visited the western part of The Netherlands, but for us it was just what it was – streets, cars, towns, you name it, but with little space for the surprises more arcadic surroundings can offer you.
So when we ventured out of our safe biotope, we knew life could only bring us exciting expectations. Positioned on the back seat of our parent’s Opel Rekord, Kapitän and Kadett, or the Ford Taunus 1…