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Road Trip

Many hate it, I love it. That just 'drive along' feeling, and let the countryside and the scenery surprise you. I love road trips – provided the traffic doesn't get to your nerves of course. No definite destination, no stress to be somewhere at some moment. It is an attitude that unfortunately is lost on many of my fellow countrymen. Their trips are well planned and organized. They know what to expect, and to avoid anything that might interfere with their plans and expectations, they pack their household and travel with that ultimate statement of travel security: the caravan.

A road trip is not not about the destination, but about the experience. It is about flexibility, to take a different direction than what might be expected. To point the car into a road that makes no sense. And doing so, finding charming small towns that won't make it into travel books, meet friendly people that are just as surprised seeing a foreign tourist as you are to find that lovely small pla…