Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm a millionaire!

Since the beginning of this month I'm a millionaire. No, I did not cash in on my Facebook stock – besides the network did not go public at that moment yet. And no, I did not win the lottery. I can only thank many people around the globe. Early this month my Flickr photostream welcomed the 1,000,000th visitor since I joined in 2007. I know many of my contacts have far more visits, but it makes me feel rich.

Swoopy woody 1972 Ford Gran Torino Squire

A 1972 Ford Gran Torino Squire, seen in Etowah, Tennessee.
The overall #1 photo with 13,636 views since July 28, 2008.

A million visits in five years time from people either viewing my photos directly, or by visiting my photostream. It is a number I can only dream about for my blog, because visits here are somewhat pathetic with 500 per month at the most. And most of these visits come because they are pointed this way by Google. The “Murder” blog attracts the most visits so far, often because people are looking for Michelle Dockery, Jason Hughes or Lawrence Fox – naked if possible, according to the key words, so my stats tell me. They'll be disappointed then. The Horror Sauna blog is slowly climbing to the highest ranks too, and I wondered why that could be. Turns out there is Finnish horror movie called 'Sauna', and a photo of my blog can be found between photos of that movie in Google images. But enough of that, it is Flickr I am talking about here.

I can not recall exactly how I discovered Flickr. I think I was looking for a photo on Google Images, and found a photo that directed me to the Flickr site. I was hooked right away. Soon I found Flickr groups, and with that I found people with the same interests. Many have become good friends, and those friendships cut across social standards, ages and continents. Teachers, a pastor, a painter, musicians. Teenagers and retirees. People from several European countries, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, the USA and Canada. Flickr proved to be a great social medium for me. An exiting photographic ride with like minded people all over the world. It brought me spirited discussions, warm felt wishes when something happened, a toast at Christmas from Wawa, Ontario, a book on 1930s automobile coach builders all the way from Malibu, a visitor from the English Midlands, a museum visit with a contact from Germany, a custom made Christmas card from an illustrator from Minnesota, a model car and a car Cars toy for cousin Pieter's son Pieter. Joy, but also sadness when a good contact suddenly passed away.

Archive: Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls. At #61 with 1,898 views since August 4, 2011, my best viewed nature photo.

My interest in all things around cars led me to set up the Flickr Car Memories and Guesses group, that is now growing to 1,000 members. It is not only about photos, but has the added bonus of an interesting discussion board. Needless to say that many of my photos on Flickr are centered around an automotive theme. And that is reflected in the top 10 most views photos in my stream. My collection of Opel calender plate scans is popular too – four of them show in the top 10 list, and when looking for them on the internet, I not only find them on Tumblr, but they shine on many blogs as well. But mind you, it is by far not only cars, I have uploaded quite a few photos with different subjects - photos of family and vacation, or interesting places in my country.

Do I like to be a millionair? You bet. And I love to share my photos with you. So, if this stimulates you to visit my photo stream, be my guest. Adding comments is easy when you sign up for a free Flickr account. Hope to see you there!

PS: I do have a second photostream entirely dedicated to car photos, car porn if you like – this word will trigger some visits, mark my words. I use this stream as a kind of repository, with no regards to quality:

Swoopy woody 1972 Ford Gran Torino Squire
Volkswagen T1 (1964) and T2 camper (1979)
St. Gotthard Pass, mid 1960s
Mod squad with 1973 Toyota Corolla
1970 Opel Commodore GS Coupé
1972 Ford Gran Torino Squire

Volkswagen campers

St. Gotthard Pass

Mod Squad

1970 Opel Commodore GS Coupé

1970 Opel Commodore
1968 Opel Commodore Coupé
1965 Opel Kadett
1953 VW Beetle
1963 Lincoln Continental

1970 Opel Commodore

1968 Opel Commodore Coupé

1965 Opel Kadett

1953 Volkswagen Beetle

1963 Lincoln Continental