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The silence of the mountains and the pony tail kid

Julie Andrews had it all wrong. The hills are not alive with the sound of music. They are alive with the sounds of silence. The wind touching the hills and ridges. The songs of the birds, the chirping marmots. And in the Alpine region, add the bells of the cattle grazing in mountain meadows. I'm a mountain man at heart. One trip, back in the 1990s, will forever stick in my memory.

While planning a vacation in 1995 or so, I need to check for the exact year, memory failing here, I came across an editorial in Men's Journal: the 10 best roads to drive in the USA with a four wheel drive vehicle. One of the featured roads was the Gravely Range Road in the Beaverhead National Forest in southern Montana. Now, we had planned a trip to Glacier Park and Essex in northern Montana, and we were going to do this in a Ford Explorer. There was no need to elaborate on this, on to the Gravely Range road it was after spending a few days in the splendor of the Montana Rockies.
As it turned out, mu…