Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today, the top went down. The first topless drive in 2013. Never before that early in the season, but then temperatures were never that mild as this year. If you ever had the chance to drive a convertible car, you are probably hooked. Granted, in the eyes of many you are bruiser. Women do not look at you. Ah, well. These people all prefer to drive windows closed and climate control permanently switched on, come winter and summer. Who cares about less mileage and extra CO2 emissions?

The Dutch can be very presumptuous regarding anyone who do not comply with greatest common divisor. You confirm yourself by adjusting to your social framework. That's why this country has grown into a land of grey mice. And grey mice do not drive with the top down. They drive black and leased company cars and wear them like a uniform. They drive stationwagons with bike racks. SUV's to master speed bumps. Of course, I know, they claim that they absolutely do not care about what other people think of them. At the same time the talk about their 'small' car, that they obviously 'hardly ever use'. For some reason they feel the need to stress that they own something that they are ashamed of using. They are almost human. But wouldn't it be nice if people were not afraid of expressing themselves? To live in a country of individuals instead of conformists?

Today, the top went down, en the only ones who stick their thumbs up are kids, who are not yet covered with that sticky sauce of grey uniformity. So be it. I have accepted.


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