Saturday, June 8, 2013

1969 Opel Rekord, near Cochem

1969 Opel Rekord, near Cochem by Martin van Duijn
1969 Opel Rekord, near Cochem, a photo on Martin van Duijn's Flickr photostream.
1969 calendar / kalender - Opel Rekord

One of the most beautiful Opel calendar plates I have. Taken on one of the vineyard slopes along the Mosel river, opposite of Cochem. I initially assumed this was along the Rhine river, but could not find any images of castles there that looked liked the one in the background. Next, I searched for Mosel castles, and Burg Cochem was the one.

I have a collection of vintage Opel calendat photos on Flickr. But now that Marissa Mayer and her money hungry Yahoo herds have messed up that once beloveth photo sharing site to focus on the iPhone snobs and Instagram crowd, I'm posting my photos on several media now. The Opel photos are now not only on Flickr, but on Ipernity, Tumblr, Pinterest and will go on a separate Blogger site too.


Een van de mooiste Opel kaleneder platen die ik heb. Deze foto is genomen op de wijngaardhellingen langs de Moezel, op de oever tegenover Cochem. I dacht aanvankelijk dat dit langs de Rijn zou kunnen zijn, maar ik kon geen foto's vinden van een kasteel dat eruit zag als het kasteel dat we op de achtergrond zien. Toen ik vervolgens ging zoeken naar kastelen langs de Moezel, kwam Burg Cochem tevoorschijn.

Ik heb een collectie oude Opel kalender foto's gescand en op Flickr geplaatst. Maar sinds Marissa Mayer en haar Yahoo geldwolven deze eens zo fanatstische fotosite om zeep hebben geholpen om zich te richten op de iPhone snobs en Instagram verslaafden ("er zijn geen echte fotografen meer"), ga ik mijn foto's op verschillende media plaatsen. Te beginnen met mijn Opel kalender platen, en later mijn eigen foto's. De Opel platen zijn nu samen met andere oude Opel promotie foto's te zien op Flickr, Ipernity en Pinterest.


  1. I did not even notice a castle in the background until I read that there was one in your post. It is a very nice shot...interesting to see the different elevations.

    1. These vinyard slopes are great for walking and hiking, because they offer beautiful vistas on the Mosel and Rhine river valleys. Sometimes there are narrow roads you can drive on, but meeting traffic from the opposite direction can be challenging.
      Unfortunately, many of the steep vineyard slopes are abandonned today. An owner of a winery told me that it is very labour intensive to grow grapes on these slopes, and that there are not enough young people anymore in these valleys that can help out during harvest season. And the school kids that still live here are often too lazy these days to work on the steep slopes to earn some extra cash.