Friday, May 2, 2014


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It has been a month this week. I was so clever to walk into a doorpost with my head looking down. The result was a rather serious concussion. So, one moment you walk, the next you are down on the floor. If only I didn't live by my principles. It's my conviction that we can all contribute to a better world that knocked me down. I don't want to use in my sitiuation unnecessary appliances like dishwashers and laundry dryers for environmental reasons. And exactly came back to like a boomerang, right on my head.

The laundry was hanging to dry on a door. I bowed my head to walk under it. Keeping a straight line is essential then, so why I decided to abandon that rational knowledge, I don't know. Perhaps it was the bath towel, leaving only room for an experiences limbo dancer? Anyway, I somehow stepped aside and crashed with my skull against the sharp edge of the door post. Not good, so much was instantly clear to me. My first concussion.

Luckily, I have very little experiences with personal accidents. An achilles tendon rupture is the worst I have ever experienced, when the office sprinting to the bath room no less. And in my student days I sprained my ankle so seriously at the tennis court, that my Dad had to borrow a stationwagon to get me and my bicycle home. That's about it.

Let me first make myself clear, that there are people with far more serious conditions, and by no means am I comparing myself to them. Now, a concussion is a very odd phenomenon. You don't feel ill, but you can't do anything. You get up, take a shower, get dressed, make your bed, and you are exhausted. You walk, but maybe only at one third of your usual pace. You can sleep the entire day. You can read a page, but that's about it. And don't even talk about scrolling photos on your laptop, please look the other way. Problems concentrating of a magnitude you never could have imagined. Typing this blog is a challenge. Two people talking loud? You'd think about doing them something, but then you realize you are already a victim yourself. What's more, people don't see your problem. Oh, he bumped his head or so, nothing serious. When I got down with the flu earlier this year, everyone was wishing me well. And now? Only a few friends informed about my situation. Maybe I should draw my face in an agonizing grimace to make my situation clear?

What did this all mean? Well, not being able to work at all for there weeks, for starters. And that's a tough job for someone who is self employed. Meanwhile, I am at the office for a few hours daily, but oh my, being just a little too active means the man with hammer is waiting for you the next day. This will take from six weeks to two months, my doctor told me reassuringly. That corresponds what people who had a concussion too tell me. Except my niece of course. Bumps with her head into the door, more or less like me, suffers a serious concussion, and four days later she's up and running with no problems at all.

So, you know someone around you dealing with the aftermaths of a concussion too? You can’t see anything. But be gentle with him or her. Because it's all just not easy.

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